About Us

Incendia Marketing is owned and operated by two partners, Alan Page and Scott Coleman. Both partners gained their experience working for large companies before succumbing to the economic downturn and deciding to place their destiny into their own hands.

Alan spent his early career at a Market Research software firm, and then went on to be the lone geek in the Marketing department at a major CPG company. He got involved with the Internet when he once asked aloud in an early 90s staff meeting, "Why don't we have a website?"

He managed the creation of the first website as a proof of concept for their biggest brand, using an early digital agency. After that he created websites for all of the smaller, less fortunate brands, and then the corporate Intranet. Later he was swallowed up by the IT department, where he managed the servers for the B2C sites and was responsible for web accessibility standards.

One of the pioneers in bringing websites into a corporate environment, Alan embraced the technology and concepts and continues fighting the good fight to tame the wild wild west of technology.

While Scott started out as software programmer before running away from the bits and bytes to get into Product Management and Marketing. Working as a Product Manager provided valuable insights into pricing models, product launches, selling, managing teams and timelines, establishing partners and most importantly, pleasing executive management. Marketing came next and so the focus changed to campaigns, trade-shows, collateral, blogs, websites, keynotes, conferences and traveling around the world to get it all done.